Rap...Hip-Hop...Raw & Uncut From The Streets Of U.S.A.

L.A. to Chicago, New York to Washington, D.C. etc.

Paul Fonville (Smooth Rapp Lord)
1. Give Me Room To Work
2. I Reign Superior
3. Young Gifted & Rappin
4. Lord of the Rhyme
5. I Reek Havoc
6. Rappology (Paul Fonville & Lamont Huntley [Rah Supreme])
7. I Am Who I Am (Paul Fonville & Lamont Huntley [Rah Supreme])
Lamont Huntley (Rah Supreme)
1. 7th Degree Defeat
2. Reign of Terror
3. Mellow Rhyme Murderer
4. I Love Money
5. Rah Supreme's About Ta Go Rambo
6. Back to the Mothership
7. Speakin Da "J"
1. Rock It
2. Pumpin Science
3. Rockin With Tha Master
Phunkin Bruthas
1. Bad & Wicked (2 mixes]
2. Battle Cry
Dazzlin "D"
1. Ladies Man (Smooth Operator)
2. Too Fly For Me
3. Murder Capital4
. Be My Lady
Michael Carter
1. Turntable Trooper
2. Hyper As a Heart Attack
1. Build Me a Harem
2. I- D-AgonyEyewill - Worldwide
Macadamian Thorne
- Critical Outcome
Mr. Reaction
- Noise PolutionWD4D
- Back2Bac2Bak
Mac & Eye
- Chill Sh**


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